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Too many hobbies to list, not enough time to do or enjoy them...

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Stories by Mommints

Bed Of Roses by Mommints

Rated: F18 • 0 Reviews
Summary: Love, the four lettered word neither one of them wanted to admit, but somehow, it had happened anyway.

Dreams Of The Heart by Mommints

Rated: F18 • 0 Reviews
Summary: It was crazy, that’s what it was, absolutely crazy.

When Heroes Fail by Mommints

Rated: F13 • 0 Reviews Past Featured Story



My Christmas Story by Mommints

Rated: F13 • 0 Reviews

I?m With You by Mommints

Rated: F18 • 0 Reviews

Kindred Spirits by Mommints

Rated: F13 • 1 Reviews

Master by Mommints

Rated: FA • 0 Reviews
Summary: Sequel to 'Slave'.

Slave by Mommints

Rated: FA • 1 Reviews

Imagine if you will a matriarchal society of women, not unlike the Amazons, whose purpose is to capture warriors and use them for their own pleasure.  These women thrive on testing the boundries of strength and control of the Medjai, their talents in the bedroom exceptional, their control over their own desires unbelievable.

Imagine the consequences when the queen of this tribe of women captures the Medjai chieftain and learns a lesson in more than just having control…

The Waiting by Mommints

Rated: F13 • 0 Reviews

The Other Side by Mommints

Rated: F18 • 1 Reviews
Summary: Sequel to Somewhere In Time

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Love, fear, tragedy and death (suicide).
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She was sitting in her seat quietly minding her own business, consumed in her...
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“No, Mara. I still think our hotel is this way," her friend insisted...
Love Sets Sail by Dedis Lady Hawk F18
Sequel to “Passing Time”

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Matched Twister by Penn OHara F13
Sequel to Dream Twister.