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A Dream Realized by Nighthawk

Rated: F18 • 0 Reviews

With a gasp, Jocelyn jerked awake. She was curled up tightly in her bed, tears still sliding down her cheeks, and she could feel her heart thrumming wildly in her chest. For a moment she was disoriented. Looking around quickly, she realized she was not out in the desert somewhere, but safe in her hotel room. The gauzy curtains moved in and out with the currents of the night wind, their soft white billows soothing the frightened woman. Listening carefully, she heard nothing out of the ordinary. Jocelyn made herself lie quietly, consciously drawing slow, deep breaths and exhaling them fully to calm herself. Once her heart had settled back to a normal pace, she chided herself for her panic.

Educating Kate by Nighthawk

Rated: F18 • 0 Reviews

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