Maybe... by Ayla


“No, Mara. I still think our hotel is this way," her friend insisted, pointing a direction out on their map.

“I disagree, Susan," Mara replied, shaking her head. She took the map from her friend’s hands and folded it, very upset. She looked around a few seconds. “You must accept it, Susan, we are lost. I think we should take a taxi."

“No, Mara. I know where we are," she insisted, and took the map to examine it once again.

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Published: 11/26/2018 Updated: 11/26/2018

Story Notes:

Disclaimer: This story is completely fictional, never happened. No offense was intended to anyone and I make no money from this. I respect to Mr. Fehr and his family, so I must say this is for entertainment only.

Rated: PG

Comments: This short story is my first one and I think the only one. So, I would like to ask you, ladies, be kind and patient with this story. And I must thank to Jennifer, my beta, for helping me with my English. Thank you, sweetie! All comments and feedback may be sent to [email protected]

1. Chapter 1 by Ayla [Reviews - 0] (5491 words)

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