Vipers In The Studio by Tanith


The police in Bromley Kent had received a phone call from Cosgrove Laboratories in Fawkham Wood, that 11 poisonous snakes and 4 poisonous spiders had been stolen in a break-in the night before.

Rating: F13 [Reviews - 0]
Category: Oded Fehr Stories
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Type: Gen
Warnings: Some Warnings: see Story/Chapter Notes
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Chapters: 1 Status: Yes
Words: 4177 Views: 84
Published: 11/26/2018 Updated: 11/26/2018

Story Notes:

Disclaimers – I own no-one and this story is pure fiction and no disrespect is intended to Oded or his family.

Rating – PG13

Summery – Death warning.

1. Chapter 1 by Tanith [Reviews - 0] (4177 words)

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