One Crazy Night by ladybug


She’d seen him watching her at the party all evening.

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Category: Original/Character Stories
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Type: Het (m/f)
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Published: 11/14/2018 Updated: 11/14/2018

Story Notes:

Unfortunately back when ezboard was hacked into and then more recently when our server crashed, we lost a bunch of good short stories posted in the S Files. I am going to try and get what I had reposted, starting with this one. If anyone else had something posted in here and now it's gone... you are more than welcome to repost it. We have many new ladies who've never had the opportunity to read them, so...

I originally wrote this story with the intentions of never posting it. It's a bit more raw than what I usually do and it was simply for my amusement. I hope you enjoy it... some of you, enjoy it again. LOL!

1. Chapter 1 by ladybug [Reviews - 0] (2872 words)

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