Truth Beneath Lies by Desert_Rose14


This story is based on the events that occur in season five of Covert Affairs. There are some similarities with the events that occurred on the show that happen in this story, however, I've made several changes to them, altering them to the way I interpreted the events of season five. Following the events of the fifth season, is what I would've liked to have seen happen on the show, had there been a sixth season.

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Type: Het (m/f)
Warnings: Some Warnings: see Story/Chapter Notes
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Published: 05/06/2015 Updated: 10/04/2015

Story Notes:



All characters that appear on Covert Affairs are the property of USA Network and/or their respective creators. No copyright infringements are intended. All other characters are the property of the author.




As you can see from the song lyrics at the beginning of each chapter, music plays a significant role in my stories. I recommend listening to the songs I've used to better understand the emotions surrounding Annie and Eyal.

1. Prologue by Desert_Rose14 [Reviews - 2] (3114 words)

2. Chapter One: Tied to the Feelings by Desert_Rose14 [Reviews - 0] (4613 words)

As mentioned in the story notes, not everything in this chapter, or the remainder of the story, is completely accurate with what happened during season five of Covert Affairs. Instead, I've changed some things around so that they're better suited for the story.


Annie's "vision" as she remembers her time spent with Eyal was meant to be a sort of flashback scene. Had it appeared on the show, I imagined we would've seen what she was thinking, with the past scenes of their time together set in black and white, and every time she's been with him, flashing quickly through her mind. At the very end of the sequence, when all she sees are Eyal's emotional, pain-filled eyes, I envisioned the pain and heartache in his eyes when he embraced Annie before she went dark in season four. I tried to describe the emotion in his eyes as best I could, using the season four parting scene with him and Annie as a guide. I hope the sequence made sense with the way I wrote it.


Lastly, the flow of this chapter may be somewhat "choppy" and unsmooth, however, since Annie's mind is such a mess at the present time, and for majority of the chapter she's confused, the jumble of her thought process is intentional.

3. Chapter Two: The Future in the End by Desert_Rose14 [Reviews - 0] (9283 words)

4. Chapter Three: A Thousand Miles by Desert_Rose14 [Reviews - 0] (12534 words)

Kidon: The branch of Mossad responsible for assassinations and kidnappings.

Katsa: A case officer.

5. Chapter Four: "Ghost" by Desert_Rose14 [Reviews - 0] (4177 words)

Katsa: A case officer.

Kidon: The branch of Mossad responsible for assassinations and kidnappings.

6. Chapter Five: Lose You by Desert_Rose14 [Reviews - 0] (14738 words)

Translations (Hebrew to English):

Ru'ach refai'im: "ghost"


The brown suede jacket Eyal wears in this chapter is the same jacket he wore in the season three episode, "Scary Monsters (and Super Creeps)."

Kidon: The branch of Mossad responsible for assassinations and kidnappings.

When Eyal says "...I'm not going to try and find my place on the map of all the men you've been through any longer," this line is actually taken from Matchbox Twenty's song, "Crutch."

In the movie The Patriot, a phrase Mel Gibson's character utters throughout the film is "I have long feared that my sins would return to visit me; and the cost is more than I can bear."


7. Chapter Six: Don't Know You Anymore by Desert_Rose14 [Reviews - 1] (19318 words)

Translations (Hebrew to English):

Mamzers: "bastards"

8. Chapter Seven: In Distress by Desert_Rose14 [Reviews - 0] (3421 words)

9. Chapter Eight: Holding On, Letting Go by Desert_Rose14 [Reviews - 0] (1212 words)

Translations (Hebrew to English):

Yakir: "beloved" or "dearest"



The song lyrics at the beginning of this chapter were originally performed by Gotye; however, I listed Walk Off the Earth as the band, since their acoustic cover version of the song is amazing.

10. Chapter Nine: Broken by Desert_Rose14 [Reviews - 0] (14997 words)

Translations (Hebrew to English):

Lo: "no"

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