Another Life to Lose by Desert_Rose14


This is a story/chapter based on Annie and Eyal's friendship on Covert Affairs.

The characters of Annie Walker, Eyal Lavin, and Auggie Anderson are the property of USA Network/their creators. All other characters in this story are the copyright of the author.

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Type: Het (m/f)
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Published: 04/27/2013 Updated: 04/28/2013

Story Notes:

This story is actually taken from one of my Eyal fanfics, so I had to rework parts of it so that it doesn't give away any major spoilers from the actual story. The most obvious part of this story is that Eyal ends up with someone else, not with Annie. In the actual story, everything gets explained (their falling out in Brussels, what "happens" to Eyal that he doesn't tell Annie about, etc.), but I had to exclude them here so that I don't spoil the rest of the story.

There are also a couple points that need to be made in advance:

Even though Eyal quit Mossad (at least at the point when this was written), in my story, he goes back; the how and why gets explained in the full story.

Also, in my story, Rivka is no longer Eyal's boss. At the risk of revealing a spoiler, I'll limit the explanation to the following: something happens where Rivka gets fired from Mossad and someone new (my character, Obi Cohen) comes in and replaces her as Eyal's boss; and again, this is explained further in the main story.

The song lyrics at the beginning of the story are from an actual song, and I recommend readers to listen to the song (you can find it on YouTube). Every time I hear it, I can't help but think that's exactly how Eyal feels in this story, so that's why I included part of the lyrics at the beginning; and those who have read other stories or excerpts from me know that music heavily inspires and influences my writing.

I must thank Karen (a.k.a. "Windsor" on the forums) because a conversation I had with her inspired this story—the idea of Annie being jealous when she finds out Eyal's with someone else. So, thank you, Karen, for the idea.

1. Another Life to Lose by Desert_Rose14 [Reviews - 0] (14535 words)

Translations (Hebrew to English):

Todah: "Thanks/Thank you"

Neefla: "Wonderful"

Tov: "Good"

Kabeer: "Great"

Yakiri: "Darling"

Ahavah: "Love"

Ken: "Yes"

Lo: "No"

Ani ohevet otcha: "I love you" (to a man)

Gam ani ohev otach: "I love you too" (to a woman)

'Atseerah: "Stop"

Ani mitzta'eret: "I'm sorry"

Bevakasha: "Please"

Be-retseenoot: "Seriously"

Harah: "Shit" (Hebrew slang)

Seara - pronounced "see-ar-ah"

Neima - this is the name for Eyal's ex-wife in my story, since her name hasn't been mentioned on Covert Affairs yet.

When Eyal mentions that he saves Seara from a terrorist cell who'd captured her, the idea of him rescuing her was written before "Rock n Roll Suicide" aired.

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