Love Sets Sail by Dedis Lady Hawk
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Passing Time by Dedis Lady Hawk

Rated: F18 • 0 Reviews

He pulled his car up outside the video store and parked. He looked at it for a while as he sat there. It was small out of the way, not one of those big chains. Maybe he could get in and out with little trouble. Of course he didn’t have a membership and if they asked for his ID he’d be found out. What are the odds the girl behind the counter wouldn’t recognize him? He had his long black hair pulled back into a ponytail and a baseball cap on to shadow his face.

Love Sets Sail by Dedis Lady Hawk

Rated: F18 • 0 Reviews

Sequel to “Passing Time”

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Love Sets Sail by Dedis Lady Hawk F18
Sequel to “Passing Time”

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