Submission Guidelines

If you would like to submit a story to WOD, please adhere to the following guidelines:

1. WOD welcomes stories about the characters Oded Fehr has played and about characters you, the author, have created for him.

The main character of the story does not have to be based on a specific character played by Oded Fehr (i.e., Ardeth Bay or Antoine Laconte), but we would prefer his general appearance be the same so it has some resemblance to Oded. You can give him a different name or put him in different settings. He also does not have to be the main character, but we ask that he be in the story in some important way since this website is for Oded Fan Fiction.

Slash/threesomes etc. submissions will be considered on case by case basis.

2. You can submit stories to WOD in two different ways:

  1. By creating an account for yourself here and posting your story yourself.
  2. By sending your story to me via e-mail, along with the name you would like to use. I will then create an account for you and post your story(ies) for you.
    1. Please include the title and the name you wish to use as the author on the first page of the first chapter. If you don't want to use your real name that is fine, but make up an alias to use as an author. This helps cut down on confusion and is easier for us to keep track of who's who. See below for an acceptable example.
      Examples - file name:

      Better With Time Ch 5.doc

      Donovan's Destiny - Chapter 4 - At Home.rtf


      Examples - inside the document:

      Better With Time - Chapter Five

      Your author notes, story etc. here.

      Better With Time

      Your author notes here.

      Chapter 5

      Story text here

      2. E-mail submissions may be sent in following formats: doc, docx, rtf, hand-coded html and txt formats. Check your file(s) for viruses and then e-mail it to me as an attachment.

      NOTE 1: While all files are automatically scanned by my virus scan when I download them to HD, I will in addition manually run any and all submissions in doc and docx formats through a second virus scanner; if either detects anything suspicious the file(s) will be deleted without opening, and you will be asked to send in a clean copy.

      NOTE 2: I do not accept html submissions which were created using Microsoft Word or any of the other major word processing softwares. They create junk-code.

All submissions will go into a validation queue, and I will either approve or reject them on the update day

3. All stories must have a disclaimer, giving proper credit to those who created any character that was not created by you. If the disclaimer is missing, I will add one.

4. Story Ratings

As the author, it is your responsibility to properly rate your story and give appropriate warnings. If I feel a story doesn't fit the rating you've given it, I reserve the right to change it. If you have any questions about how to rate your story, mention it in your submission e-mail so I may look at the story and properly rate it.

These are the ratings used on WOD:

FE = For Everybody (No profanity, no violence, no descriptive sexual acts)

F13 = For 13 years and above (light profanity and violence, eludes to sexual acts)

F18 = For 18 years and above (mild to heavy profanity and violence depending on context of story. Allows more descriptive sexual acts.)

FA = For Adults only (mild to heavy profanity and violence Allows for more descriptive sexual acts.)

4. Story warnings and genres.

Warnings for all stories featuring homoerotic (be it m/m or m/f or Threesomes/Moresomes) are mandatory, and must be indicated by choosing the correct "type".

Writers may add another warnings in the story summary or author's notes if they're so inclined, and then choose the appropriate option from "Warnings".

5. Be aware that we will be checking the stories for general errors (i.e., grammar and spelling), but we ask that you check and recheck your story BEFORE you send it. Too many errors and the story will be returned for you to fix. ATTENTION: Due to the high volume of stories being submitted to Weaver Of Dreams, we will no longer be doing grammer and spelling checks. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE check your stories before submitting them. If the story you submitted has so many errors that you can't understand what's being said, it will be returned to you to be fixed!! Thanks!

6. Absolutely no plagiarism will be allowed! If we discover that any author has purposely "stolen" or "copied" from another author's story, whether it be a character or scene, without permission, the offender's story will be removed from WOD. While we know and understand that story ideas can be similiar, or character names will be the same, we will not tolerate blatant plagiarism. If you have another author's permission to use one of their characters (you must get this permission prior to submitting your story), you must state this in your disclaimer and give credit to that author for the use of her character.

7. Slash stories

Until I took over in January 2009, this site didn't approve stories featuring slash/homoerotic relationships simply because majority of readers/writers here weren't interested. This is ban is now lifted in order to post a particular personal favorite of mine.

As for Slash stories in general - I don't expect there to be lots of submissions (if any at all) - but should there be, due to having read too much poorly characterized slash, I will decide whether to approve a story on a case by case basis.

8. WOD currently does updates once a week on Sundays. If you have a submission you would like to have posted, please post it or email it to us by noon (12pm, GMT+2 timezone) on Sunday. Anything received after that time will be held and posted on the next update day.

Please keep in mind that while we want all the readers and authors to enjoy the stories on this site, we have the upmost respect for Mr. Fehr and his family. If at any time a story crosses the line from "tasteful" to "disrespectful" it will not be posted. If you have ANY questions about the above guidelines, please feel free to e-mail us and ask. There are NO dumb questions! Thanks to everyone and their support of this website and for sharing your wonderful talents and imaginations with us all.

We reserve the right to refuse any story that we feel does not meet the guidelines posted above. We also reserve the right to remove a story that has received complaints from the readers.

Please send all questions and submissions to: [email protected]

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