Reviews For Blood Moon Rising

Name: darkstoryreader (Signed) · Datum: 06/01/2014 04:31:21 · For: Prologue - The Players

Hi! I just finished reading the last chapter, for now... (grin). I do hope you're still writing this story. I read the first one and I enjoyed every word, believe me. Can't wait to see Kasim back to the Medjai world... and how his little scorpion handles the whole thing. Very well done, woman!

Author's Response: Thank you so much. I am still working on my stories, but my work has gotten so busy. I do really enjoy spending time with my characters and truly appreciate hearing from readers like yourself.

Name: fleurtygirl (Signed) · Datum: 07/29/2013 19:13:13 · For: Chapter 11

More! More!! More!!! Yup. I'm not above begging. Please?!?!?!

Love this series and the way you've woven the "history" you created into this more modern line.

Can't wait until the next chapter is up.

Author's Response: Thank you so very much. I wish I had time to write more quickly - I am working on the next chapter and it is one where lots of stuff happens.

Name: Ayla (Signed) · Datum: 01/24/2012 00:42:33 · For: Chapter 9
Ok, Suz... you did it again. I've finally been able to catch up on your story (thank God), and it's been incredible. Definitively, you have a very good gift to become a REAL writer, a serious one (I mean, publishing your own book, not fanfic). Your prose is absolutely well written, you manage to make me fly to this place, feel I am there, that I am one of the characters. It's amazing, believe me, my friend. I do love all the story, but I can't help but be in love of your Ardeth and Kase. Very, very well done. Please, keep it up!

Name: carrots12tn (Signed) · Datum: 01/13/2011 11:16:34 · For: Prologue - The Players

Great stuff!  Can't wait to read more!

Author's Response: Thank you! I have been so busy lately and haven't had time to write as much as I like, but there will be more, I promise. I really appreciate your taking the time to read my story and let me know you are enjoying it.

Name: moonstar (Signed) · Datum: 06/13/2010 21:39:12 · For: Prologue - The Players

This is going great!! I love it!  I can hardly wait to read the next installment!!!

Author's Response: Thanks, K. I just need more time in the day! Sigh.

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