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Vipers In The Studio by Tanith

Rated: F13 • 0 Reviews

The police in Bromley Kent had received a phone call from Cosgrove Laboratories in Fawkham Wood, that 11 poisonous snakes and 4 poisonous spiders had been stolen in a break-in the night before.

Through The Glass Darkly by Deana Lisi

Rated: FE • 1 Reviews

Ardeth Bay would always remember everything about this day. Not because life in the desert was the same, but because his life in the desert might take a drastic change

One Thing After Another by Deana Lisi

Rated: FE • 0 Reviews

Takes place after Wrath’s Return

Things go from bad, to worse, to downright horrible when Ardeth and Rick go to a nearby
oasis to gather new falcons. Soon they’re wishing they never went at all...

The Euphrates Stone by Deana Lisi

Rated: F13 • 0 Reviews

Takes place after One Thing After Another

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