The Return by Marxbros

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Published: June 10, 2006 Updated: June 10, 2006

1. Chapter 1 by Marxbros [Reviews - 0] (1414 words)
This is a short vignette on Ardeth and a group of Med Jai warriors returning from a mission to protect the City of the Dead. I think that one could almost read this as prose poetry, if that makes sense, because of the sparseness of the descriptions and the denseness of the language.

*The line "Duty could be a very ugly word," was taken directly from Aulizia’s story "The Demitica Challenge III." The line was originally spoken by Velocha, a female Med Jai warrior, and I think it is a perfect description for how the duty of the Med Jai is a double-edged sword.

*And I PROMISE, chapter ten of "Hereafter" is almost finished, it just needs to be will be up this week, I swear :-) 

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