Crossovers [3]
Stories features characters and/or settings from two or more fictional universes.
Deuce Bigalow [32]
These stories revolve around Antoine Laconte, the gigolo.
The Mummy Universe [138]
These stories revolve around Ardeth Bay.
Presidio Med [13]

Stories here focus on Dr Nicholas Kokoris.

Resident Evil: Apocalypse [1]

These stories focus on Carlos Olivera.

UC: Undercover [49]

Stories here revolve around Frank Donovan.

Original [17]

Original stories and characters Mr Fehr has inspired.

Other [30]
Poetry and Dreams reside here

Featured Stories

I Heart Athens by LMVT A13+
Sequel to Welcome to My Tent
Stepping Back by Ruby A13+
This is a sequel of sorts to The Edge and Over; I actually consider it an apology...

Most Recent

No Certain Victory - Part 5 : Isha by Kamira A18+
This is the 5th and final part. Sequel to No Certain Victory - Part 4.

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